Wednesday 14 September 2011

Puzzle #6: Heyawake

 Rules for Heyawake

This is probably my weakest Nikoli genre. I have a lot of trouble grasping the logic needed to solve these. I think this one is relatively tricky, but I'd like to hear what Heyawake experts think of it. I could just be missing some obvious things.


  1. I'm not sure I qualify as an expert, but I found this quite tricky too. It was definitely a more interesting than usual way to start off the solve!

  2. I finally solved this one when revisiting it now. The proper break-in is really quite hard to find. In particular since the easier partial break-in in the bottom right doesn't have anything to do with it, which misled me to search for progress down there. Then it's tricky to the end. Now that I've solved it, I think it's a great puzzle.

  3. The right bottom was where I at first tried to create an opening, but I couldn't find an interesting way to open it further. Then when it helped continue the other opening I put in, I just kept it.

  4. The bottom right is very similar to the recent breakins used in the yajilin puzzles with only exterior clues (in the WPC blog from detuned radio and his oen construction). Real nice gem of a 10x10 heyawake.