Wednesday 28 September 2011

Puzzle #19: Ripple Effect

Rules for Ripple Effect

I'm really happy with how this Ripple Effect puzzle turned out, aestetically, logically and designwise.
This puzzle has no cage smaller than 3 cells and no given clues, which is what I was aiming for. I'm expecting it has been done before, but I haven't seen any yet. I don't know if it's possible to make one without cages smaller than 4 and no clues, but I do see options to create openings with no cage smaller than 4.
Aestetically, it's split up into 4 quadrants. Two of them look exactly the same, which worked out very well logically.


  1. I agree, this is a truly great puzzle. I particularly liked how the solve shifted between numbers and quadrants. (This was probably partially caused by where I was looking, but still.)

  2. Thanks, that sounds about right.

  3. Really nice, your ripple effect puzzles are unlike any others I've seen.

  4. I wouldn't really know. I haven't seen very many of them myself, but for the ones I've seen I would agree. I'm not really sure what the general way to design them is, but I try to find patterns which force numbers and build on from there.

  5. I appricate your work as puzzle maker. Just I dont like this genre :)