Tuesday 27 September 2011

Puzzle #18: Land and Sea

Rules for Land and Sea

What I like about this genre is its simplicity. I don't think anyone will have trouble understanding the rules. I don't think it will break ground as a great new genre though, as I haven't yet found many different things to do with it. I do think it's something that could easily be combined with other loop genres, to lead to interesting logic in those types.


  1. It seems that you like Naoki's puzzles. You definitly should have a look at


    All rules are in Japanese, English and German.

  2. I do like them. There's some genres in the I think should be more widespread than they are now. So I try to pick out the ones I like and see how I can use them.

    Yeah, I'm aware of that link. I also went through the Naoki-project thread on the logic masters forum.