Thursday 29 September 2011

Puzzle #20: Country Road/Land and Sea

I've never really liked numbers in Country Road puzzles. Most of the Country Road puzzle I placed on Puzzle Picnic are without numbers. They seem more interesting to construct that way. For this one I combined it with Land and Sea, which I think works nicely together.

Rules for Country Road

Rules for Land and Sea

This puzzle has regular Country Road rules, with the addition that the loop can't run through more than 2 white squares consecutively.


  1. Much easier once I realised (again…) that normal Country Road rules require every room to be visited. The rules do interact nicely. Thanks!

  2. Yeah, you need that. Mellowmelon doesn't use that rules, but it's not unique otherwise.

  3. country roads with numbers can be fun sometimes.Its just because the numbers act as merely progress-makers,that we dont find them attractive.Nice puzzle