Wednesday 14 September 2011

Rules: Heyawake

This genre is developed by Nikoli.

Paint some cells black. Black cells are not allowed to touch eachother on the sides. The remaining white area has to be connected. The white area can't span over two consecutive boundaries in a single row or column. The numbers in the rooms indicate how many cells are to be painted black.


  1. I cannot believe nobody has pointed this out yet, but your example solution is wrong! R5C1234 is a white area which spans 3 rooms.

    Any simple way to fix this?

    Simon B. Snow

    1. Actually, this comes at the right timing in my mind. I just figured out another example wasn't unique. I'll post a new one. That's what I get for mindlessly putting something together.

  2. Thanks for the quick response! ;-)

    Have to admit I'm probably the odd one who'd try out an example puzzle no matter how small/easy they are. Now I'll try to solve all your other Heyawake puzzles.