Saturday 24 September 2011

Puzzle #15: Pentopia

Rules for Pentopia

I was originally planning on posting a Sudoku, but after the USSC I really didn't feel like it. So instead I'm posting another Pentopia puzzle. This is in my opinion the hardest puzzle on this blog so far. So approach it carefully.


  1. I made a mistake for the first time, so I spent more than 25 minutes, and I couldnt solve them. Second time I coukd use the experiences from the 1st solving, and I managed to solve it under 16 minutes.
    I thought "oh it is a 12x12 grid, it contains all 12 pentos" but not.

    Nice puzzle, of course.

  2. Phew! That was a tough puzzle. I didn't find the complete logical path, (instead I made guesses at two points---fortunately correct, so intuition helped).

    I discovered Pentopia recently at and came here looking for more from the original inventor. It's a really fun puzzle. Thanks so much for it!