Friday, 25 November 2011

Puzzle #59: Penta Maze

I'd had this idea a while back already. I wanted to do something with mazes to turn non-unique mazes into unique mazes by placing shapes in them. I thought this was the easiest way. I found it somewhat funny to see the idea pop up in reverse in this year's USPC. This idea seemed like something different that would fit in well in a varied set.
I thought the puzzle worked out nice, but I haven't really heard any comments on people who tried to solve them. The starting logic is somewhat tricky, but I think the most obvious thing to start with.

Rules for Penta Maze


  1. I liked the idea, but I didnt want to spend too much time with this puzzle.
    Really enjoyable puzzle.

  2. Great puzzle, thanks! Start for me was placing three pentominos, using some uniqueness logic, although I see now that the uniqueness deduction wasn't really necessary.