Monday, 28 November 2011

Puzzle #62: Password Path

This puzzle type I've always liked. I hadn't really seen many of them in a while, so I thought it would be nice to put one in. I found it funny to then see that this puzzle type popped up in the WPC too as the instruction booklet was released after I had made this set.
I made a few of these puzzles and also had one that use 24HPC as the password, but that turned out a bit harder than I wanted. I didn't want this one to be too hard. It is one of the lower scoring puzzles in the test. I don't expect this puzzle to have cause many problems while solving.

Password Path

Draw a path that runs from the left top corner to the right bottom corner through all cells once without touching or crossing itself. The path can run horizontally, vertically and the diagonally. The path will run through the letters in the password in order, in the following way P-A-T-H-P-..etc. (B-R-A-M-B-.... etc. in the example).


  1. The rules should probably state somewhere that every cell is passed.

  2. Yeah, they should. Fixed. Thanks.