Thursday 13 October 2011

Double Trouble #5: Slitherlink and Turning Fences

This combination of puzzles took the longest to get to work out of all Double Troubles so far. I couldn't get the end to work for most my tries. Maybe it didn't help that I was stubborn in wanting to use a preset layout. It's easier if I just place clues where they are needed.
These Turning Fences I haven't really seen many of. The only time that really comes to mind is a WPC. I'm thinking it was in Borovets, but not too sure. I just came to use it again recently and I figured it should be possible to make them looking like normal Slitherlink, so figured it might also be possible for one to actually be a Slitherlink.

Rules for Slitherlink

Rules for Turning Fences

So firstly it can be solved as a Slitherlink puzzle. this puzzle has its easy and hard parts.It still seems pretty typical for the style and difficulty I like to make them.
Secondly it can be solved as a Turning Fences puzzle. This one is about the same difficulty as the Slitherlink puzzle but as its the first on this blog it might feel harder.


  1. You must be kidding.This is very tough even for the localized solving path this variation would inherently have.I think it only had a good opening in the lower-right.

  2. There's a few logic implications Turning Fences has, that you have to apply. It's a new genre for most people, so they'll have to figure them out. Once you understand them, it will work smoothly in my opinion. The right bottom gives you some stuff, but it's not the opening that breaks the Turning Fences puzzle.