Tuesday 4 October 2011

Puzzle #24: Slitherlink; Liars

Many people will have seen this variant on Mellowmellon's blog. This was not the first place I encountered these puzzles though. Back in 2006 they appeared on the Dutch Puzzle Championships. We had a short round with 4 of these puzzles. I really liked the idea back then, but hadn't really come back much after that. I found it interesting to see the idea had popped back up afterwards.

Rules for Slitherlink

The clues work as a normal Slitherlink puzzle, except in every row and column exactly one clue is incorrect.


  1. Really nice design

  2. Thanks. I like how it turned out as well. It didn't get onesided.

  3. Beautiful puzzle. Hard but not extremly hard, and the design really cool :)