Sunday, 2 October 2011

Puzzle #22: Worm Sudoku

 This type was the best rated in my LMI Hybrids test, so I figured people might like to see another. They are somewhat tricky to make. Not because they are hard to get unique, but to get both elements of the puzzle types to both remain interesting. You don't want a worms puzzle that is unique or really hard to get the unique bits. You also have to make sure that the resulting cage structures make for good possible deductions.
I think this puzzle worked out well. It is 8 by 8 because 9 by 9 puzzles become so hard they lose some of the fun. That's also why the one in the test was 8 by 8.

Rules for Sudoku

Place the digits 1-8 in every row and column. Also connect the given clues in pairs with paths going horizontally and vertically. Every path has the digits 1-8 exactly once.


  1. Oh, the frist puzzle in this blog, what I simply loathe :)

  2. Don't like this specific puzzle, or the type?

    I thought it solved quite well, easier than the ones on the LMI test. Definitely a type I enjoy.