Sunday 9 October 2011

Puzzle #28: Killer Sudoku

I've always liked Killer Sudokus. I enjoy solving the harder ones as well, which really need pencilmark eliminations if you want to find a nice logical way.
Competitionwise I usualy don't really find Killer Sudokus very interesting though. It's far too easy to turn out a quick Killer Sudoku. It's possible though to make the human element shine through a bit more. Those are the kinds of Killer Sudokus I find the most suitable for championships. I think that's why the Killer Sudoku in the latest United States Sudoku Championship was so much appreciated.
I think I managed to do the same with this Killer Sudoku. I made it a little while back for my girlfriend. The cages are to spell out an A four times. I am really happy with this puzzle.

Rules for Sudoku

Instead of given numbers, you now have a few dashed cages. The number in the cage indicates the sum of the digits in the cage, Digits can't be repeated in any dashed cage.


  1. Really enjoyed. You really do have a unique style, which I really enjoy. Really surprising how good of a puzzle can you get with a cage structure that is almost aligned with the 3x3 boxes.

  2. Thanks. The cage/combo work is actually what I like best from Killer Sudoku. I solved them for a while before I realised there was something like the 45-test to give you numbers or sums. I sometimes still catch myself completely forgetting about 45-tests while solving a Killer Sudoku. It usually makes the solve harder, but also more enjoyable to me.

  3. I hadnt time to solve puzzles in October. Now I solved this one. Really good puzzle.