Thursday, 6 October 2011

Double Trouble #4: Tapa and Pata

So this idea started with an opening that worked very nicely for both puzzle types. So I really wanted it to work out. It took a lot of effort though to get it to fall. The two types block eachother a bit. I've always liked Pata. It's probably my favourite Tapa variation.
On an unrelated note, I've edited Puzzle #21. Due to my natural curiosity and excellent understanding of Japanese (or google translate working well enough to understand what was being said) I found out it wasn't unique.

Rules for Tapa

Firstly it can solved as a regular Tapa puzzle. I think it's a nice puzzle.
Secondly it can be solved as a Pata puzzle. Here the clues indicate the groups of connected white cells that are around the square. Different groups of white cells are seperated by at least one coloured cell. This one worked out nicely too.


  1. Nice one. I wonder if there is any such twin A/B puzzle type where you could formulate a natural condition C and then postulate that solutions to A and B satisfy C. This combo (tapa/pata) seems a natural candidate because both solution are of the same "kind", however I am not sure what C could be (same diagram, mirror diagram, etc. don't seem to make sense)...

  2. It's probably pretty well doable to make such puzzles with extra conditions. But then they aren't really seperate anymore.