Friday 28 October 2011

Puzzle #43: Twin Killer Sudoku

I've always liked Twin Killer Sudokus. Part of the reason for that might be because the puzzles of this type I see are usually made by Richard Stolk, who always manages to do beautiful and interesting things with Sudokus.  I prefer them if they don't have both grids completely covered with cages as you can see the design in those puzzles a bit better than in others.
For this puzzle I think it should be clear what the cages should read. I like how it worked out, but I guess as with most of my sudokus they are on the harder side.

Rules for Sudoku

Normal Sudoku rules. Additionally the numbers in the dotted cages represent the sum of the digits in that cage. No digit is repeated within a cage. Both grids have the same solution.

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