Sunday 30 October 2011

Puzzle #45: Pentopia

Rules for Pentopia

The booklet for the World Puzzle Championships came out today. As this genre will feature at the championship I'm posting another one. The puzzle in the championship is probably a bit bigger than mine as it will have all pentomino pieces in it (as the rules seem to indicate). Even though 12 by 12 grids are the standard size for pentomino puzzles, they don't work very well for this genre to fit all 12 in as you eliminate a lot of space with the clue type. Also thought it was somewhat funny that the example was the same one I made for my LMI-test.


  1. Beautiful puzzle, pretty hard too! I found myself using the following logic more often than usual, was that your goal?: If the closest distance for this set of directions was K, then it would be also K-1, so it's not K.

  2. Yeah, that's how a lot of it resolves.