Thursday 27 October 2011

Puzzle #42: Tapa; Islands

When trying to design these I started to noticed how a whole bunch of clue options become obsolete as they would break the rules. I have a feeling that because of this (almost) all Tapa Island puzzles can be turned into a cryptic variant without messing up uniqueness.

Rules for Tapa

The clues work as normal Tapa with the addition that each clue cell is part of an island of horizontally and vertically connected empty cells. At least one of the clue numbers indicates the size of the island this cell belongs to. No two islands can touch eachother horizontally or vertically and no island contains more than one clue cell.


  1. This puzzle wins my vote for the easiest on your blog, but I think I like the type a lot. Can we expect sth harder?

  2. I'll try, but making Tapa variants still stumps me more than I thought it would. A lot of attempts crash on uniqueness. You could make it a bit harder by making the bottom 4 a ?, where the mystery number also indicates the size of the island. This way you have to solve it from the top down, which is trickier.

  3. Nice puzzle. Very logically solvable.