Saturday, 15 October 2011

Puzzle #33: Maxi Loop

I make a lot of loop puzzles. Loop puzzles just come more naturally to me. This was actually an idea I had been working with before, till I also found it on Naoki's website. There's 2 more ideas I saw there that I had actually tried to work with myself. Both ideas I couldn't really get to work properly, but Naoki proved me wrong and his puzzles in those genres are actually very nice. So I might give them another go some time.
This puzzle isn't as challenging as the last one. So you can relax a bit more this with one.


  1. Oops, i think i posted the comment against the example.It was actually meant for the 10x10 puzzle.

  2. I would not necessarily agree with this being the easiest puzzle, but it definitely is on the easy side. Still, it is a really nice puzzle. Hoping to see more of these :)