Saturday, 14 September 2013

Daily League Sudoku #29: Different Difference Sudoku

I based this of a puzzle I've seen as an Instructionless Sudoku I've seen before. I don't remember where it was. As I remember it, it was a Sudoku, where in each nth nonet all differences n were marked (e.g. in nonet 1 all differences of 1, in nonet 2 all differences of 2). This puzzle has the same concept, that in each nonet all instances of a particular difference are marked. Except the differences aren't ordered and you have to figure out which nonet corresponds to which difference.
I hope the explanations of the rules are clear. If someone has a better way to formulate them, I'd appreciate it.
I think if you understand how the basics work, it shouldn't be too hard a puzzle. I've written better Sudokus and I think it can be done more elegantly. But overall I like how it turned out. I hope people enjoy it.

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Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku, adjacent cells in a given 3x3 box containing numbers differing by n are marked. Adjacent cells with no marking must not contain numbers differing by n. The value of n is different for all 3x3 boxes. There is no restriction on adjacent cells contained in different 3x3 boxes.


  1. So you mean there would be one 3X3 box which does not have any restriction on that (since the difference cannot be nine on any of the boxes there would be 8 boxes with differences 1-8 in some order and one box without any restriction..Is that correct?

  2. Its from Something Missing (LMI May 2011)