Friday, 13 September 2013

TVC XV Practise: Part 3ish

So, I tried today to make puzzles for the remaining three genres of TVC XV, but really nothing useful came out of it. A lot of tried openings, but in the end just a big mess of nothing useful came out of it. I could post something of the messy remnants of what were once good ideas, but I'm going I'm just going to repost the three old puzzles I have already linked in the Introduction. So for those who didn't bother clicking the many links in that post, you can at least get 3 nice puzzles to solve.
I hope everything still helped prepare people for the upcoming weekend. Enjoy and have fun.

Puzzles can be found below.

Rules for Tapa

1. Tapa Regional

Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally, the clues don't function only as regular Tapa clues but also serve as a clue for the blackbordered region they are in, giving the contiguous blocks of black cells in the region they are in. Each region contains at most one clue and there are no restrictions on unclued regions.

6. Tapa Double Back

Follow standard Tapa rules. Additionally, the Tapa has to visit every black bordered region exactly twice.

7. Compass Tapa

Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally stars and arrows appear in the grid, which are part of the Tapa Wall. An arrow indicates that it is possible to follow the Tapa Wall in that direction and reach the Star, without using a cell more than once. All cells with an arrow have all possible arrows given.

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