Monday, 9 September 2013

TVC XV Practise: Introduction

This weekend is TVC XV at Logicmasters India. It features five variants new to the TVC. The other five have appeared before. Many of the new variants have been posted on blogs before though. I will again try to write a practise puzzle for each variant. But here's again a collection of links to examples of these Tapa variants. If someone else knows of more exaples, feel free to add some links to them in the comments.

You will also again be able to vote for some of the variants which will appear in TVC XVI. I think this might be because some of the variants are getting a bit sketchy and Serkan wants to judge if people like the idea of certain variants or not in advance. Sometimes it's tricky to make a variant idea work, especially if you don't have any examples of it yet.
I would have found it interesting that TVC XVI would have featured a single variant as the main focus and make double variant puzzles. My best suggestion would have been Pata as that only changes what the clues indicate. So a Pata Islands or Pata Elimination is easily possible. I think that might be fun too.

Links to puzzles:

Tapa Regional:

Hexa Tapa:

Outside Tapa:

Total False Tapa:

Tapa [Skyscrapers]:

Tapa Doubleback: (without Tapa clues) (without Tapa clues)

Compass Tapa:

Kakuro-Style Tapa:



  1. A lot of work on compass and total false, which are probably the best variations on this list.

    You can add the last tapa double back from me as well.
    "So a Pata Islands or Pata Elimination is easily possible. I think that might be fun too."
    I am not sure if this would be appreciated by Serkan in particular.

  2. Its all about Sudoku. Love this Sudoku post.