Wednesday 21 December 2011

Puzzle #72: Seethrough

I've seen this genre under a variety of other names: Doors, Walls, Open Office. I'm using this name as that is what I've always known it under. It was called Doorkijkje in Breinbrekers.
This puzzle was inspired by a particularly nice puzzle at the WPC. It appeared in the Evergreens round and was atypical for this genre (like all puzzles in that round). That puzzle contained only the number 1 as clues. This one has numbers 1-3, but the logic involved is very similar to that one. I think this is a more challenging puzzle to solve though.

Rules for Seethrough

1 comment:

  1. In generally I dont like the extra rules. For instance the PuzzlePicnic doesn't use the isolated rule. However, this rule very useful in this type :)
    In fact this is not so nice as hard. I had to use a lot of tips.