Saturday, 31 December 2011

Puzzle #81: Liar Loop

Happy New Years Indonesia and China

Liar Loop was my first go to for the number 2 and it worked out well. I had been trying to make Liar Loop puzzles without the number 1 for a while, but I never got any good result out of it. As it always led to having to use a high amount of 2s to counteract the missing 1, I figured it should be possible to create one with all 2s. It took a lot of tries to get it to be unique though. It was very common to end in a situation where you'd either have a non-unique puzzle or were forced to use a section of 2 in an area.
The resulting puzzle is of medium difficulty, although it is probably harder if you haven't done the genre before. Check out some of the others on my blog if needed. Very little chance you'll encounter these anywhere else.

2. Liar Loop

Draw a closed loop through all squares by running horizontally and vertically. The loop doesn't touch or cross itself. The numbers in a boldly marked area indicate that the loop never runs through this many cells consecutively. Whenever it passes through the area it always runs through either more or less cells than the given number.

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  1. Great puzzle :-) Its looks is elegant and it is good to solve it.