Saturday 31 December 2011

Puzzle #75: Island

On first thought I was planning to make number 8 a Ken Ken puzzle. The problem is that I am not very good at making nice ones. After trying to find something else, I turned to Island. I figured all the same numbers for an Island puzzle could be interesting. I think the result worked out nice. It's probably the easiest Island puzzle on this blog so far, so I'm hoping people will appreciate the genre a bit more with this one as the difficulty of the previous ones has broken up most people so far. I guess I need to find a better way to judge the difficulty of these puzzles. I figured it was a relatively simple idea I used, but I think it wasn't.

8. Island

Fill in some cells to form a single island. The cells with numbers are part of this island. The numbers indicate how many unnumbered cells can be reached from that cell by moving horizontally or vertically. Numbered cells block access.

[Edit: Fixed Uniqueness issue)


  1. Very nice, but I would not figure out it was the easiest one on your blog hadn't you said that yourself ;) I started out with the 8 in upper-left, then the one below it, and then the rest. Figuring out the second 8, how the islands connected to it have to go took me quite a while (admittedly I was trying to go pure logic on this one, perhaps not the optimal choice for this genre)


  2. Definitely not the easiest for me…

  3. I'm agree this was the easiest Island in this site. Moreover the first which I could solve (after this I solved 3 more, and just the puzzle of 24HPC has left.)
    Unfortunately you moved one clue and now my solution is invalid. I don't see how can i fix it :)

  4. I'll figure out how to judge the difficulty of these properly some day hopefully.

    I tend to just have an idea for the design and then design the rest around it and forget that seeing that idea might not be as easy as I thought.

    Idea of this puzzle ROT 13'd:
    Nyy ahzoref ner gur fnzr, guhf zhfg unir ng yrnfg gjb cnegf nf gurl pna'g or pbaarpg va n fvatyr funcr. Orfvqrf gur pyhrf va gur gbc yrsg pbeare, ab gjb pyhrf ner bar pryy ncneg. Guhf ab pyhr pna or fcyvg vagb 7 naq 1 hayrff gurl funer gur 7 vfynaq jvgu E1P1 nf gur pyhrf ne gbb sne ncneg gb or ernpurq ol 2 fvmr 7 funcrf.