Saturday 31 December 2011

Puzzle #74: Anglers

It took me a while to find a genre to satisfactorily apply the number 9 to. After going through a bunch of puzzle tests and puzzle sites I stumbled across Anglers. I've always liked Anglers puzzles, so it seemed like a good type. It worked out well. The puzzle isn't too hard.

9. Anglers

The digits on the outside represent anglers. Each angler catches one fish. The digit indicates the length of their line. The lines run by connecting the centers of cells horizontally and vertically. They don't touch or cross eachother.


  1. This one was really nice, easy too but that's perfect before my morning coffee ;) At some point I made a run through (almost?) all anglers puzzles on puzzle picnic and liked it a lot, this brings pleasant memories :)


  2. Easy and nice, good choice after a hard first puzzle :)