Thursday 1 December 2011

Puzzle #65: Penta Sum

This is one of those standard genres for people who solve the Dutch magazine Breinbrekers. I always like them. And as it added come arithmetic to the puzzle set. I had never actually designed any before. I wanted to make it so there were no equal adjacent digits in the grid, in which I succeeded. Obviously I went for a sum of 24 for this puzzle. I though the grid layout made the place to start obvious, but I don't know you all will agree.

Penta Sum

Divide the grid into the 12 pentominos. The 5 digits in the pentomino must add up to 24. (The example uses tetrominos and the sum is 10.


  1. Just saw your Write ups and it title catches my attention. I am also a blogger but newbie. Anyway, this post helps me. Thanks! keep it up!

  2. I dont see what is the nice in this genre :) When I solved this genre the biggest trick was that I have to search the X or I pento first. Not too nice, I think :)
    This one was relatively good puzzle.

  3. The intended path didn't involve searching for specific pentominos. That would have been annoying.