Saturday 31 December 2011

Puzzle #73: Killer Sudoku

This puzzle is the one that started the whole idea of the count down. I was trying to make a Killer Sudoku with all the same sums. When I had seen a few people post a Christmas contest this year, I figured I could make a nice New Years countdown set. That's when I focussed on making one with all 10 cages.
I had first tried to make one with 1-9 but i couldn't get that right. When I attempted it with 0-8, it instantly became more productive. This puzzle is on the harder side, but I don't think it will stump the better solvers.

10. Killer Sudoku

Place the digits 0-8 once in every row, column and 3x3 area. The numbers in the dashed area indicate the sum of the digits in that area. No digits are repeated within any dashed area.


  1. Awesome. Thats really killer one.

  2. This was the hardest puzzle of the set, after 32 numbers I couldn't find more logical step.

    1. Thats strange, I found it very easy after getting 15 numbers, working mainly the lower 3 regions with slight help from the middle region.

    2. It's always a matter of finding the right cage to look at in the right way. Especially with killers that don't have all cages given.

    3. I agree, and in this case, to me at least, it was first choice to go with the lower third mainly because it had the 5-cage 10 and the left corner region full of cages. Some fix possibilities there so went with that and worked on it.

  3. Though I admit getting the 15 numbers took a lot of thinking :P Highly enjoyable creation of my favorite Sudoku type :)