Saturday, 31 December 2011

Puzzle #82: Yajilin

Happy New Years India

I know, I'm over 2 hours late, but they crossed into 2012 18 minutes after my last post.

Yajilin was the obvious choice for me for the number 1. It's a genre that never uses very high clue numbers in a small grid. It took some effort to get a good puzzle out of it that was also a bit challenging.I think it's representative of some of my earlier Yajilin puzzles, even though there's no nice symmetrical layout this time. It's still a good solve of medium-hard difficulty.

1. Yajilin

Colour some cells so that you can draw a closed loop through all remaining white cells. The numbers in the grid tell you how many coloured cells can be seen in the direction of the arrow. No coloured cells are allowed to share an edge.

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