Saturday, 31 December 2011

Puzzle #77: Heyawake

This was for a long time going to be a Ripple Effect or Country Road puzzle. But I didn't manage to do with either what I was aiming to do. Then I went to Heyawake as big clues can appear in a limited number there. I tried a few times and this was the nicest that came out of it. This puzzle is of medium hard difficulty. The 6 areas can't be determined quickly, but some deductions can be made to solve the rest of the puzzle, till finally the 6 areas also fall.

6. Heyawake

Paint some cells black. Black cells are not allowed to touch eachother on the sides. The remaining white area has to be connected. The white area can't span more than two consecutive rooms in a single row or column. The numbers in the rooms indicate how many cells are to be painted black.

[Edit: Another uniqueness issue fixed; it's not turning out as a good display of my construction skills]

1 comment:

  1. Whew... nice workout. I started with the lower 6 and finished with the higher 6. What a journey in between! Had to applied the "regional division" as well as the "grounded connection" techniques multiple times. Definitely the toughest Heyawake puzzle among the 7 here (including the twin one).

    Simon B. Snow