Thursday 11 February 2016

Puzzle #180: Slitherlink; Filled Loop

This is the eighth practise puzzle for this year's UKPA Open.

This is what I feel is another inherently hard type. So I tried to at least create a few openings that were all based on purely Slitherlink logic. there is a point in the end usually where you aren't as free in choosing your Slitherlink clues as you still need to fit in all pentominos. I think in the end this one gets a bit harder, but if you take into account the "no three can meet" rule, you should still be able to work through.

Rules for Slitherlink

In this Slitherlink the loop has to be completely filled with the given pentominos. Each pentomino must be used exactly once. They may be rotated and reflected. Pentominos may only touch each other by a single edgNowhere do three or more pentominos meet at a point.



1 comment:

  1. Really enjoyed this one, especially with the 'preview' solving notes. Hit a snag, reread the 'no three meet' note, found a use of it, then immediately found another different use of it. Then, in the bottom third, I had a few strands from Slitherlink, and was convinced I'd broken it after struggling to visualize how the remaining pieces could fit.. Went back and rejoined the logical path and found I hadn't broken it after all. Really satisfying solve.

    Thanks for making and sharing all these puzzles, I'm sure there are many others like me who quietly appreciate the work you put into them.