Monday 22 February 2016

Puzzle #185: Sum Sweeper

This is the thirteenth practise puzzle for this year's UKPA Open.

I originally intended to make puzzles that required you to fill dominoes, triominoes, tetrominoes and pentominoes. But I couldn't actually find or think of any good type for everything. There probably are types that would fit the bill. So instead I just went for a simpler way and use the number 1-2 through 1-5 for the four types.

The problem was there aren't many types that use the numbers 1-2. So I cheated a bit and co-opted the Double Minesweeper genre for this purpose. A little change of name and it makes more sense. This puzzle is pretty hard and stumped some of my test solvers. But there's a really nice logic path to find through this puzzle.


Place the numbers 1 or 2 in some cells. Clues in grey cells indicate the sum of the digits in the white cells around it.




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