Sunday 28 February 2016

Daily League #62: Mathrax Sudoku

This is the fourth and last puzzle in the 'Latin Squares Sudoku' series. This week it is a Mathrax Sudoku. Originally I had planned a Kropki Sudoku, but after the GP I wasn't really in the mood of writing one. So instead I opted for a Mathrax Sudoku. This type has been a bit of a nemesis with me but the most recent one I actually managed to solve.

For the design I wanted to make two lines containing each type of clue once. I think it looks pretty nice. I needed two extra clues for uniqueness. It is not really a hard puzzle, especially compared to some other Sudokus on my blog. It should still be fun to solve. Enjoy.

Rules for Sudoku

In this Sudoku some intersections of the grid lines are marked by a number and an operator (+, -, x, /) in a circle. The number is the result of the operation, applied to both pairs of diagonally opposite cells. An "E" in the circle indicates that all four adjacent digits are even, while an "O" indicates that all four adjacent digits are odd.

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