Tuesday 16 February 2016

Puzzle #182: Sandwich

This is the tenth practise puzzle for this year's UKPA Open.

I couldn't think of any triomino division puzzles directly. I knew there were domino type puzzles with triominos, but that seemed a bit weird considering I already had dominos. Then I remembered the Sandwich genre, which I had used in the 2014 countdown. I actually liked writing that, so I gave it a go. I think the puzzles actually came out pretty well. There are no real hard deductions in this puzzle, but it's a matter of looking at the right places to make progress.


Colour some cells black. Black cells are not allowed to share an edge. Divide the remaining white cells into triominos. Each triomino must contain exactly one digit. This digit indicates how many black squares it shares an edge with.




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  1. Heteromino (http://www.janko.at/Raetsel/Naoki/Heteromino.htm) is a triomino dissection puzzle type.